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TN Manufacturing

( Monterrey, Mexico ) is established as a sister company to Precision Sheet Metal Products, Inc.

TN Manufacturing has 32,200+ sq ft. facility located in Monterrey, Mexico.

We pride ourselves in providing a full service in metal forming and manufacturing products. We manufacture prototypes and fabricate a wide range of specialty parts for aerospace, government, computer and medical industries. We control the entire process from finished product to paint/power coating and labeling out of our own existing facility. We are known for supplying a product with excelent quality and competitive pricing.

We are a premier metal fabrication company. We specialize in precision sheet metal fabrication, precision machining, copper fabrication, engineering for manufacturability, and electromechanical assembly.

We offer comprehensive sheet metal fabrication, precision machining, value-added product assembly, and engineering support all under one roof. So you don’t need to look anywhere else to find exactly what you need.

* Over 10 years overall experience.
* Experts in sheet metal products.
* 3000m² facilities and another 1000m² by first half 2018.

Our master craftsmen can fabricate, modify and install hardware on virtually any design. We can manufacture simple designs by themselves or integrate these parts into complex assemblies based on our customer specifications.

This are the services that we provide:

Our location: Avenida Regio Parque #157 Col. Parque Industrial regio Parque. Apodaca, NL, Mexico.
TELEPHONE: 52 (81) 1334-0396 ext. 0 and 104.

Our Profile

We use the latest equipment and techniques for producing precision parts and assemblies. Our products are made to meet your most demanding requirements.

Avenida Regio Parque #157 Regio Parque Industrial, Apodaca, N.L.,
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Tel: 52 (81) 1334-0396